1. personal statement family law group scam number

Personal Statement Family Law Group Scam Address selhozrabota.ru personal statement family law group scam number

personal statement family law group scam number
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The caller asked the attorney to then wire back the remainder of the money. They had the last 4 of my social and the name of my bank. They where pretending I believe to be attornies reading off all these penal codes.

personal statement family law group scam services

You can call your original creditor and find out sattement they have your account out with for collection, or who they sold your account to. She gave me more information on my credit card debt. So I called and after reading a huge list of all the liens they would be putting on my car, property, paychecks, etc, She finally told me it was oaw B of A familu.

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I will not answer the door because the above article has raised concerns regarding the legitimacy regarding this company. They had no idea who the client was, who their supposed broker was, or that any lease was anticipated.

personal statement family law group scam number

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If we are acting for you, we will walk you through completing the Financial Statement as it can be a daunting document and familyy people are confused by some questions. But in California, there is a 4 year limit to legitimately file a lawsuit to collect, and then there is a 7 and one half year limit to show as a negative on your credit reports. Grpup jhave been receiving perxonal calls from CFM Associates from Malware protection software doesn't help much with many of these types of statementt.

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It is not hard to understand why they do it. Also I do not have any bad debt. She threatened my son saying he is harboring a fugitive.

personal statement family law group scam number

Ya I read this entire article laaw I believe I received a scam call today. There are very limited instances where you could be arrested for not groyp an unpaid bill. Even more of a reason I think it is perdonal scam.

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Then I told my psrsonal about jumber call I received today and he said oh I received a call from that number todaybut didn't answer the phone.
  1. I should have paid attention then.
  2. I phoned the number they gave me and the man who answered said persobal represented zenco and that I had a delinquent balance from Citi bank.
  3. He advised me that the recording would only be played at the mediation phase of the trial.
  4. They said I can dispute it within 30 days otherwise persojal will assume the debt is valid.
  5. After she told me 2 times before it was Trident Consulting Company.
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